Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sleepy, Sneezy and...coughy.

That's me, all rolled into one. I've been fighting a cold since this weekend, swollen glands in my neck, soar throat, fever, LOTS of coughing. :( Unfortunately, when I get a cold, they usually linger and this one seems to be settling in for awhile. I'm thinking it's the AC saga of last week (excrutiatingly hot one night, then cold the next) that caused it.

Some good news, though!! The Pediatric Medical Kit came in the mail today! That kit is FULL of just about everything you could possibly need to handle any illness your child may have, including several presciptions. I'm so relieved to be taking that with me.

But if this cough hangs around much longer, I might just have to bust open that Amoxicillin! (just kidding)

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