Thursday, June 01, 2006

Time flies when you're having fun!

I am so not good at this blogging thing! :) Ok, to catch up...

I cannot believe it's already been a week since I got my referral and saw my little Emerson's sweet face for the first time. I can't even guestimate the number of times I've looked at that picture since. It's a good sign that time is passing so quickly though because I just might be able to survive the next 5 weeks or so until I can finally hold her! :)

So we've had a little passport drama. One of my sisters will be traveling with me and was still waiting on her passport to be delivered...except it was past due to be delivered and she'd heard nothing. Since I need her Passport # on the Travel Information sheet that is due back at my agency along with my Referral Acceptance...TODAY...that cause a little anxiety in both of us.

We went online to check the status and major panic set in when there was no record even of the application. After several Chicken Little type conversations ("THE SKY IS FALLING!!!") in Minnie Mouse voices (both of us tend to go up several octaves when we get excited) and a few in-person visits to the Federal Building in LA by my sister, I think everything is worked out. We're assured that the application number she has on her paperwork received yesterday is the same as the Passport # that will be on the passport she picks up this morning. I do not envy the letter carrier who delivered a certified letter from the State Department to the wrong address AND got a signature from a man (of whom my sister has never heard) for a letter sent certified to a woman.

So as I'm actually driving the paperwork over to GWCA today at copy of the travel information sheet filled out with the application number and another with that space blank in case I have to write in a different number...she will be leaving the Federal Building in LA and calling me to confirm the number!

For some reason, the theme music from Mission Impossible is playing in my head right now.

Update: Got the call from my sister confirming the passport number as I was pulling into the GWCA parking lot. Mission Accomplished! Got the confirmation email shortly after getting back to work that my paperwork has been received and my referral acceptance will be on it's way to China in the morning! TAs (Travel Approvals) from China should arrive in 3-4 weeks! Prayers please for speedy TAs. Two weeks would be very, very nice. :)


Julie said...

Passports--CHECK! All you need are tickets and a TA and you are outta here

Glo said...

You know this whole thing is difficult enough without these drama glitches. But they do show up. It's predictable actually,and usually some really senseless carelessness on someone's part, messes up the whole thing for you and gives you one more thing to straighten out about the silly paper work part of this whole ordeal. Glad you got the passport stuff all set!!!