Thursday, June 01, 2006

So much to do, so little time...Emerson's Room.

I've spent the past 6 months in limbo, waiting, waiting, waiting for a referral that seemed to become more surreal as time went by.

I painted the room, put the crib together, put the dresser/hutch together, put the glider together, put the shelves together, put the chair side table together, hung the wooden letters that spelled out "Emerson" and accented it with cute wooden butterflies, and so on and so on. I even decoupaged the fanblades in fabric that matched her nursery bedding! Who knew I was crafty or a DIYer? (Pictures below)

I bought a stroller and car seat and high chair and play pen and baby monitor. I hung the 42 size 12 month baby outfits in the closet and hoped they'd fit at some point, leaving the tags in case they needed to be returned/exchanged/sold on Ebay.

And then I twiddled thumbs. No, really. I did. Actual thumb twiddling.

And suddenly, I have my referral and I can only think of all the things I HAVEN'T done and how little time I have to do it!

I have to wash all the crib bedding and some of the baby clothes. I have to anchor the hutch to the wall with those furniture safety things so it doesn't fall over on her!

She needs socks! I only have 3 pair of socks! She has no pajamas. I don't have a baby thermometer or baby dishes or sippy cups or splat mats or fingernail clippers. What about a humidifier? Do I need a humidifier??

Bath toys. Baby shampoo. Diapers. Wipes. Baby Powder. Diaper Rash cream. At 15 months, will I need burp clothes? A walker? What about a toddler swing for the porch?? Diaper Decker or Diaper Genie or Diaper Champ?

Baby Tylenol or Baby Advil? Apparently there's some big debate over that now!!

I am so not ready. Willing, absolutely. Able, you betcha. Still working on the Ready part!


Joannah said...

The nursery looks so beautiful! I haven't started mine yet...

PI Jill said...

Her nursery is so gorgeous! Love the color scheme! She is going to be a happy girl in that room.

Stephanie said...

Denise, it will all work together. I would get both Tylenol and Advil. Burp cloths can always be used. I have heard to go with Diaper Champ, (never even heard of it until last week! but did hear great things!)You hasve done an amazing job so far, her rrom is beautiful. You are going to be a great mom, actually you are already a great mom! Enjoy the journey!
Your not so secret pal, Stephanie

henna's hearsay said...

The good news is that you have everything you need to welcome Miss Emerson. Once you get her home, you will want to take her shopping to show her off!


Lanny and Heather said...

Hi Denise,
Emerson's room looks great. I know what you mean about so much to do and so little time. Everything happened so quickly that I think I am just now coming out of a brain freeze and shock. Try to relax if you can...
Our little one is 15 months old (bday if Feb 05) and we just got her on Mother's Day. About some of your questions, here' my suggestions although I'm still new at this. :)

Have heard great things about the Diaper Champ also and plan on getting one once we get settled after our move, because you can use regular trash bags, so I'm told.
Yes, be sure to get plenty of socks and make sure they are large enough as our were for 6-12 months and were too small in China. I didn't have enough pajamas either. 18 months fit Libby pretty well right now. I love Carter's the best.

Today I just read that WalMart has a temoral scanner thermometer it was only aound $29 and would be wonderful.

Yes, be sure to get plenty of baby dishes and sippy cups, the disposable kind would work great for China. Our daughter still takes 1-2 bottles a day also and Playtex disposable liners worked well in China.

Emerson may or may not use a potty chair. Libby was used to going on one, especially #2, and will usually go 2 times a day on her chair if given the chance.

You'll need baby fingernail clippers, Libby's grow crazy fast and she's always scratching herself so be sure to take a set with you. Yes, bath toys, teething toys (Sassy toys are awesome, she loves her fish and butterfly). Size 3 diapers should work for Emerson I think, and lots of wipes too. We bought Pampers at the 7-11 in Guangzhou, and they were not so good, so take as many as you can.
Yes, cloth diapers, I just had to buy some. My friend says use the white ones for diapering and the colored ones for feeding and wiping the face so you don't get them mixed up.

We haven't used baby powder. We use the Johnson's baby shampoo, but she hates getting her hair washed. I just switched to Cetaphil wash, because I think her skin is sensitive.

If you haven't been to the naked ovary blog, she has a post with lots of comments about baby stuff up right now.

You probably won't need a walker/exercauser, but may want a pack and play. A toddler swing would probably be good.

About meds, we used both baby tylenol and advil as well as the pedia care decongestant and cough suppresant. Gas drops (Mylecon) wouldn't be bad to take either. BE SURE TO TAKE ALL KINS OF MEDS FOR YOURSELF. I got very sick with bronchitis in China and didn't take what I needed for me. If you can, take antibiotics for both of you and your favorite pain relievers, air-borne, and anything you can think of, Immodium... I also love ear plugs and benadryl for helping me get to sleep. Hopefully everything will go very smoothly for you. It doesn't hurt to be prepared though, for anything. Once you get home you'll reall know what you need. If people ask you, maybe gift certificates to your favorite stores would be a great gift. Best wishes with everything! Give Emerson a hug for us!
-Heather :)

Denise said...

Thank you everyone and thank you especially, Heather and please come to China with me! LOL! Ok, just kidding, but what a big help you'd be. :)

Since you can't come to China with me, please don't disappear! I seem to be walking just a few steps behind you on the same path, so I'd definitely love to hear more of your lessons learned. :)